Four Springtime Plant Sales in May!


New deliveries each week from Colorado's finest nurseries! Visit links below to see detailed plant lists.


Friday/Saturdays, 9:00am to 4:00pm

224 Mesa Road, in Monument Valley Park, Colorado Springs
(in the fenced backyard of the Caretaker’s Cottage).

We reserve the right to limit the number of customers in the sales area. We require customers and volunteers to wear face masks and observe social distancing guidelines. Thank you!

April 30-May 1 — Garden Favorites!

Gulley Greenhouse in Fort Collins, one of Colorado’s largest growers will bring us clematis, butterfly bushes, peonies, and hostas. Also, a wonderful selection of the finest roses from High Country Roses!

May 7-8 — Garden Treasures!

Deliveries from Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery, plus the boutique grower Perennial Favorites in Colorado City, and specialty grower LaPorte Conifers. Fantastic herbs and vegetable starts from Desert Canyon.

May 14-15 — Garden Gems!

Deliveries from Little Valley Wholesale with a huge variety of perennials, shrubs, and grasses. Perennials from Perennial Favorites. Plus, garden treasures including plants for rock gardens. We will have a delivery of special herbs from Canon City and a big delivery of a wide selection of tomatoes and peppers from Dutch Heritage with varieties chosen by HAS.

May 21-22 — Garden Delights!

Expect a very large delivery of perennials from Britton’s, and more herbs and vegetables from Desert Canyon.

New deliveries weekly!

Master Plant list for 2021 contains the nearly complete list of plants we expect to have available. It is sorted first by date and then by botanical name of plants. It does not include plants from the HAS gardens. The list contains accurate information to the best of our abilities.

****For May 14-15– this is the one you’ve been waiting for– huge variety of perennials, ground covers, grasses, and some shrubs. Also, great selection of tomato and pepper plants. Check out this extensive plant list: Updated May 15 plant list It will not include plants from the HAS gardens or wonderful donations from members’ gardens****

Keys to Plant Lists: TBA=To be available dates. Type: P=Perennial, V=Vegetable, VI=Vine, S=Shrub, H=Herb. Who: G=Gulley, HCR=High Country Roses, FC=Fort Collins Wholesale, PF=Perennial Favorites, LP=La Porte Avenue, LV=Little Valley, WT=Wild Things, DH=Dutch Heritage. PS=Plant Select. CO Ntv=Colorado native. RM Ntv=Rocky Mountain native.

Please note: All proceeds from the sale support the activities of the Horticultural Art Society, most importantly the care and upkeep of the Demonstration and Heritage Gardens. The HAS gardens receive no financial support from the City of Colorado Springs.

Dug and Donated:

A special part of our Plant Sale is the “Dug and Donated” section with all sorts of plants and gardening items donated by our members. Member donations help build community, fun and funds! Please e-mail us at