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Horticultural Art Society of Colorado Springs, Inc. (HAS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1962 by local horticulturalists – amateur and professional.

Its membership is open to all people who have an interest in gardening. HAS is dedicated to learning about appropriate plant materials and cultivation methods for the Pikes Peak region and enriching our community by sharing this knowledge.

Our Gardens
Horticultural Art Society’s primary activity is maintaining three public gardens in the city-owned Monument Valley Park system, the award-winning Demonstration Garden, the Heritage Garden, and the Pinetum. We invite you to visit them (the Demonstration Garden is at 222 Mesa Rd and Glen Ave, the Heritage Garden (1117 Glen Ave)is a block and half north of the Demonstration Garden, and the Pinetum is across the creek from the Heritage Garden).

HAS employs a professional gardener who maintains the gardens with the help of member volunteers. Volunteer training is provided and is always welcome, whether for specific limited projects or for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Weddings or Other Events in the HAS Gardens
If you are looking for information about how to use one of the gardens for a wedding or other event, please visit the following Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Department’s pages for more information on reservations, rules, and fees:
To reserve the gazebo in the Heritage Garden: www.springsgov.com/Page.aspx?NavID=3624
To use the Demonstration Garden (no exclusive-use reservations accepted): www.springsgov.com/Page.aspx?NavID=3625
OR contact them at 719-385-5941

Donations for Events
Those who use the Horticultural Art Society gardens for their events (weddings, memorials, photography classes, etc.)  often ask if we accept donations as a token of appreciation and to contribute to the upkeep of our gardens. We are very happy to accept donations as they do help us keep the gardens looking nice for everyone.  You can donate any amount, though we suggest a minimum donation of $50 for an event with 20-to-25 people.
Donate an amount of your choosing with a credit card online here (no Paypal account is required):

Or you may mail a donation check to HAS, P.O. Box 7706, Colorado Springs, CO 80933
And thank you!

Contact Info
You may contact us at hasgardens@gmail.com or 719-357-9427.

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