“Great American Rake-off — November 14”

Our great crew of volunteers turned out for the “Great American Rake-off”! We raked the Demonstration Garden and bagged the leaves. Some of those bags will be used as a “cold frame”. By placing those bags around the outside of grouped pots, and placing them on top of the pots at times of extreme cold, we will keep potted items over the winter, and have them ready for our “Dug and Donated” section of the Annual Plant Sale.

Some of those bags we will leave open and keep moist so that in a couple of years (the long time frame is due to the presence of cottonwood and oak leaves, which have a lot of lignin and take longer to break down) we will have leaf mold.

The rest of the bags will be recycled into mulch. Viva the leaf – and our wonderful volunteers!


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