Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013, 7:00 p.m., “Pot ‘Em Up!”

dbg_containers.jpgPresented by Cheryl Conklin

“Pot ‘Em Up” will take a look at the many roles containers can have in Xeriscape™ gardens. There are tips for successful container gardening, from pot choices and planting mediums to plants that withstand and even enjoy heat. And finally, design ideas which showcase the versatility and fun of potting up.

Cheryl Conklin is a landscape gardener, design consultant, coach, writer, educator, and personal growth facilitator. A life-long gardener from a family of green-knees and dirty fingernails, she founded her company, Green Way Gardening in 1999. She has taught at Pikes Peak Community College and Bemis School of Art in Colorado Springs and has spoken at numerous garden clubs and horticultural events in our region.

Free to all at the East Library, 5550 E. Union Blvd.

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