Wednesday, Mar 13, 2013, 7:00 p.m., “Going Xeric”

xdg.jpgPresented by Catherine Moravec, Conservation Specialist, Colorado Springs Utilities

Join Catherine as she discusses twenty of her favorite xeric plants. She’ll describe the resilient attributes of some of the old standbys as well as the exciting characteristics of some newer cultivars. Learn which plants have performed admirably under the recent hot, dry conditions of the summer of 2012. These are the perfect plants to include in your landscape if you’re looking to create long-term sustainable beauty, tailored to withstand periodic drought.

Catherine works for Colorado Springs Utilities in the Water Conservation unit. She oversees two xeriscape demonstration gardens as well as the landscape conservation education program.

We wanted to share Catherine’s 20 Favorite Xeric Plants with everyone!

1.     Moonshine yarrow, Achillea “Moonshine” – yellow; summer; extremely drought tolerant
2.     Candytuft, Iberis sempervirens – white; spring; glossy, green, mounding leaves, reliable
3.     Sunset hyssop, Agastache rupestris – coral; late summer; a tough native
4.     Wall germander, Teucrium chamaedrys – pink; summer; massive ground cover
5.     Bonfire euphorbia, Euphorbia polychroma “bonfire” – burgundy foliage; spring
6.     Grey creeping germander, Teucrium aroanium – evergreen, mounding, good in sand
7.     Sand penstemon, Penstemon arenicola – blue, spring
8.     Grand Mesa penstemon, Penstemon mensarum – blue, spring
9.     Buckwheats, Eriogonum umbellatum, Erigonum jamseii – James is white; summer; do not over-water; good with ornamental grasses; blooms later
10.  Bluestars, Amsonia jonesii or taller Amsoniatabernaemontana – summer; low maintenance
11.  Colorado four o’clock, Mirabilis multiflora – yellow; late summerblooms evening, has big tap root so don’t water
12.  Silver blade evening primrose, Oenothera macrocarpa – yellow; summer; long-blooming; big tap root; this variety resistant to flea beetles
13.  Blonde ambition blue grama grass, Bouteloua gracilis “Blonde Ambition” – fall; good with buckwheat
14.  Orange carpet humingbird trumpet, Epilobium canum ssp. Garrettii – summer, long bloom
15.  Little bluestem, Schizachyrium scoparium – fall, low water
16.  Switchgrass, Panicum virgatum – fall; water June, July, August only; many kinds
17.  Orange globe mallow, Sphaeralcea munroana – summer, great with blue mist spirea
18.  Smoky Hills skullcap, Scutellaria resinosa ‘Smoky Hills’ – blue, spring-fall; plant with primrose
19.  Blackfoot daisy, Melampodium leucanthum – white, summer-fall; small, mounding
20.  Wichita mountains goldenrod, Soldago “Wichita Mountians” – yellow, fall

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